ComiFuro 2 Cheers for good work!

Good day, Kippow's here.

I've just participated in the local Doujin Market event, comifuro 2, at the University of Indonesia on 7th July 2013, about 12 days ago.
47 circles participated on this event. Small event I think, but a lot of people came... It's like a sea of people there (꒪⌓꒪; )
I'm glad that my booth located precisely under the building's air conditioner so it didn't feel hot at all ◞( ´▿`)、great♪
There were also a lot of Cosplayer participating this year, and more costume variety. Saw a lot of SnK cosplayers ww It was merrier than last year.
Too bad that I didn't take many photos, but my college friend took some, she also helped me to sell the stuff on my booth (I owe her a lot w).

Many thanks for everyone who have bought and preordered my KyoSaya fanbook 6 and prints, I didn't expect that I can get them sold out that fast. I was really amazed to see how enthusiastic a lot of customers buying them (๑>◡<๑)〜♥ (Some people even asked me to sell my Sayaka-chan T-shirt... God, how could I sell a cloth I'm wearing on!? (゚Д゚;) )

I'm going to try my best again next time. Hope to see you all in another event! ヾ( ╹◡╹ )

PS: I'm Very sorry for everyone who have thought that I wont participate in this event since you didn't see my usual circle name on the event participant list. I've changed my circle and pen name from that latest event. So in future if you're looking whether I will participate in an event or not, just look up for "Tropical☆Puff!" on the list ( ´人`)ゴメンー

KyouSaya Fanbook 6



日本の友達岬さんが本の流通と翻訳を手伝ってくれた (’ワ')


August is coming to an end

Hello~ It's been a long time since I updated my blog.
Been busy with study and making doujin lately... or maybe I'm just too lazy to post a new update here~
Anyway, It's been more than a month since I participated in comifuro (one of my country comic market event).
Many thanks to everyone who has came by to my booth!
Now I'm still working on the new publication which I haven't decided yet when to release it.

Speaking about event...
My third KyouSaya Doujin will going to be sold at SAC Anime Summer 2012 event in CA, USA from August 31st until September 2nd...precisely at this place: Sac Convention Center. It will be available at Doujinpress booth~

Madoka☆Magica/ KyouSaya Fanbook #3

Finally finish the third fanbook! But I still need to finish the fourth one for the upcoming local comic con event and the deadline is near >__< yosshaaaa!!

MadoMagi _KyouSaya Fanbook 3 Cover_ by =GleisionAdain on deviantART

Btw my third KyoSaya fanbook is R18 fanbook (≧∀≦)www
Distributed in 28P, B5 size pages. Starring guest art from カスミさん!! Yaaaay!!!

The book preorder already open in doujinpress: LINK




4月~6月のスケジュール ⇒ お仕事を承ります。








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