(Attention) For The People Who Upload My Doujinshi

Kippow's (キッポウ) speaking here.
Today I've found the full copies of some of my doujinshi, been uploaded and shared on the web.

For your information, I am definitely against the redistribution of a doujin (fanbook). I even placed that line inside every last page on each my book...please don't pretend that you don't understand the meaning of this line unless you're a grade schooler or can't speak English.


Glad to know there're some people who want to read my doujin, but if you really want it, you just can buy it from me when I open a preorder session.
I always open preorder session before I start selling it on a local convention, and with a limited budget to print those books.
That's the reason why I always sell it in limited quantity.
And because my doujin can't easily to be obtained, that doesn't mean that you can upload it and share it on the web.
People who want to obtain my doujinshi took so much effort to save their money and come to the event just to get my book.
Their effort are just the same as my effort to create those books.
I drew each page day and night, I pay to print my own books and to make a preorder bonus for each book because I really appreciate my customer who took all the trouble just to reserve my book.
Also handle the distribution to the event and post them with mail order by myself.
If you missed my book preorder session, just wait until I open again on the next event.
Everyone in here, my real supporters even wait for a few months just to read my doujin.
And if you think that printing a book is easy, just to let you know that the printing company is not located beside my house.
I must go to the other town by train for a few hours every time I'm going to print doujin for the event.
I come and check the quality of the dummy book, then I back again in a few days to bring it to my home by myself, make sure that they won't get any damage from the distribution.
It takes time, effort, and money, so please understand this.
It's not as simple as your brain says.

If you can't buy because the reason of money, same as me, I can't print any books if I have no money, so just stick in my free works on the web gallery.

From now on I won't open preorder/sell my doujinshi outside the REGION OF SOUTH EAST ASIA, JAPAN, AND HONG KONG.

My doujin will be licensed under Doujinpress outside of those region/country which I've mentioned above.

Thank you for reading this long post.


Thank you very much for all people who have given me their supports and help me to report to take down my doujinshi. I really appreciate your kindness




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